Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Turkey is Famous for hair transplant in istanbul, where large number of successful operations exceeded the very good level, but we in Safar Time company were the first to organize these Hair Tranplant operations and arrange them, where we think behalf of you and help you without bothering yourself in unnecessary things. In the Next topic we put years of experience in your hands explaining the process and technique of progress before it shall be ready for you.In the Metropol of Turkey hair transplant in istanbul they use a very advanced technology, that’s one of the reason why many people prefer a hair transplant in Turkey.

Hair transplant process is divided into two stages:

Stage one: Pick out the bulb hair unit ( FUE ) is a technique used in the extraction or harvesting from the donor area . This technique is very common in hair transplant in Turkey It use a special tool to do, to open a small circular incisions around the roots to be extracted so that it separated from the surrounding tissue,the donor area is the area between the ears from behind ( from behind right ear to behind the left ear ) as this section is the most prolific region in the head.

Stage two: When The extract roots are out they leaves small circles in place when the doctor pick out the hair , the doctor took it from different areas and the distribution of appropriate in order to not appear from behind a blank areas,The surgeon makes small holes in the place of baldness using special needles, then planting the taken bulbs inside these holes. Then the bulbs will grow there for the production of healthy hair. Necessary the channels depending on the length and size of the roots to be planted safely. 


Applicants that apply for hair transplant in turkey must first be evaluated by the specialist doctor to see if they are suitable for treatment. Candidates which have been evaluated for Hair Transplant in istanbul will be questioned and require to be in good health. Candidates who are not suitable for the hair transplant in istanbul: High Blood Pressure and diabetics, liver disorders, chronic skin disorders, blood clotting or bleeding leading to abnormal blood disorders, any tumors which effects health, psychological illness, heart troubles, lung and kidney illnesses etc. may effect candidates from having hair transplant in Turkey. Ten days before the operation no aspirin or drugs may be taken. No smoking at least 10 days before the operation or limit consumption. Candidates should avoid catching colds, urinary tract infections, stomach and intestinal viruses. Alcohol consumption is forbidden 24 hours before the operation. On the morning of the operation only aspirin or daily medications should be taken and a light breakfast. Before the operation necessary areas of the hair follicle and hair graphs are determined, analyzed and hair will be very cut short.


According to the necessary area and the hair quality of the determined area the hair grafts will fluctuate 5 – 10 hours. During the operation according to the level of pain and infection risks medications will be given. The patient will first be positioned facedown, and will be given pain relieving injections according to pain tolerance to the area in the lower head between the ears. After waiting for the effects of the pain relievers, 1mm and smaller pieces are taken without damaging the hair follicle with the help of micro-punch and micro-motor. Grafting takes about 2-5 hours. During this stage if the patient is uncomfortable or has other essential needs can that this time stand up, later will be position in the same manner. After the grafting process the nape will be bandaged and the patient will be lifted up. After a light meal and recovery the patient will be laid down backside down position. After grafting in the necessary areas the neck will be bandaged.


According to the complexity and area of the operation, the pain and recovery will differ. Generally tension and pain will not be due to the operation. Mild pain may occur, pain relievers will be enough to relieve it. Prescriptions will be written for the pain, inflammation, and infection. New grafts which have recently been implanted will be more sensitive. The patients must avoid water contact and any cosmetic products in that area in order for the new hair follicles to heal. According to skin types some bleeding may occur because blood circulation after certain strenuous activities. Bleeding on the day of the operation and after the operation may occur and will cease on its own. For this reason, on the first two nights a towel may be used so that your pillow will not be stained. You may go in the sea but no diving in the water, for the first 3 weeks after the operation. Vigorous sports and sauna, solarium, pool and the sea is not advised for one month after the operation. medication injections given during the operation may bruise or swell around face areas due to gravitational pull. To avoid inflammation and bruising in he face area from the liquids injected during the operation the patient must not lie facedown for the first 3 days including the operation night. The laying down position should be directly on the back, should not be on left or right shoulder. The laying down position is important because the transplanted grafts must not rub against the pillow or bed so the grafts don’t move and become damaged. Hats, caps and anything worn on the head should be avoided for the first 3 days. If you must be in a dirty environment, you must then wear an adjustable and suitable hat. The importance of this is so the grafts are not touched by the accessory. Hats, caps or beanies may be worn in the summer to prevent the suns rays and heat.

Three days after the operstion the patient will be checked and may have a hair wash and will be informed on how to wash hair for the next 2 weeks. Scabs which occur on the transplanted hair, will fall off and completely clear after 10-15 days of washing. If the hair transplanted has not healed properly the patient will be given special treatment. This way not only the transplanted hair is salvaged but the original hair will be guaranteed. In the following 2-3 weeks because there isn’t hair follicle growth temporary hair loss will occur, 70-80 % of the transplanted hair will fall off in the first and second month. The next 2-3 months the fallen hair will be replaced with new grown hair, and the desired results will be seen in 6-8 months. Full results will not take place before one year after this. The hair on the grafted and donor area will be shortened by using scissors in the 3 months. Only after six months may the patient use a razor to cut off all his hair to use it very short. If the patients decide to dye their hair they must wait at least 6 months. About 6 weeks after the transplantation patients often have hair loss. We must remember that this state is normal and temporary. Regrowth of hair after hair loss will take 5-6 weeks. Hair grows 1-1.5 cm. per month. Alcohol and aspirin is forbidden for 48 hours after the Hair transplant in istanbul. Cooling therapy is suggested to prevent swelling. Prepare an icepack to apply on the forehead area every 10 minutes, either standing or sitting for every hour. This procedure will be applied a few times a day for 3 days. If swelling occurs do not worry it will heal on its own. Contact lens users shouldnt use their contact lens until swelling has gone. In the Metropol of Turkey hair transplant in istanbul they use a very advanced technology,that’s one of the reason why many people prefer a hair transplant in Turkey.